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    First-class talents are the foundation for building first-class enterprises. Enterprise development requires talents and talents. We follow the concept of “discovering talents, cultivating talents, and retaining talents”. For the company to continuously deliver fresh blood, to the talents to spread the wings of the broad sky.
    First, the "trust is not suspected, suspects do not need" trust concept, build a platform for scientific and technological personnel to carry out scientific and technological innovation;
    Second, the establishment of a talent competition mechanism of "capable, flat, and mediocre";
    Third, encourage every employee to use their own high expectations to motivate themselves, high standards to demand themselves, and encourage each employee to work together with the company to grow.
    Wide open channels, invites Quartet talent to join
    We actively expanded the channels for attracting talents and adopted the "two-in, multi-channel" all-round way. First, we will enter various high-end talent markets and attract all kinds of talents needed by enterprises. The second is to participate in the talent dialogue activities of higher education institutions, to negotiate and communicate with university talents, to make two-way choices; to solve the problem of talent sources for our career development. In addition, talents are recruited through various channels such as international cooperation, headhunting companies, and the establishment of talent websites.
    Let go of the use of talents and realize the rational configuration of people and staff
    We adhere to the principle of “the sages are on the top, the wise are on the side, the abilities are in the middle, and the devotees are in the front”. The establishment of “cadres can be able to get on and off, personnel can enter and exit, institutions can set up and withdraw, and income can be high and low. The “four-energy” employment mechanism creates a good use environment and a benign competitive incentive mechanism by designing career development plans for employees and combining performance evaluation, education and training, and rotation training. > Create a talent-retaining environment and maintain the core competitiveness of the company
    We carry out the strategy of retaining talents by “retaining people with feelings, career, treatment, and culture”. To enable talents to have a sense of accomplishment and pride in their careers, and to create a sense of responsibility and belonging that “the enterprise is prosperous, the enterprise is weak, and the company is shameful”, so that people can be retained by the cause; the salary system is constantly reformed, and paid vacations are implemented. We will promote all employees to participate in the insurance, so as to relieve the "worry" of talents, and to retain people with treatment; continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and to retain people with culture.
    "Hai Na Baichuan, let Xiaolong take off; Qianzhou competes, Ren Qunying fights first."
    Our talent concept is and will continue to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.

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